matrimoni Resort la Mola

"Among the sweet hills of Custoza, between the lake and the countryside, stands a beautiful seventeenth-century residence that houses a prestigious restaurant, the Antico Ristoro: an authentic island of peace, surrounded by the green oasis of the vast park where we can admire a small stream or listen to the romantic echo of a fountain’s gurgling that fades away in a small pond.
The restaurant was obtained from the original factory annexed to the county of the Counts Ottolini.
The external facade is dominated by precious original stone medallions representing the Apostles, the Virgin Mary and the Archangel."

Ristorante Antico Ristoro Via Valle Molini, 5 - Custoza di Sommacampagna (VR) Tel (045) 516008 - Fax (045) 516902 - Cell. 333 3564127 -
P.IVA 02646020236

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